Monday, October 10, 2016

Hannanigans: Resurrection

Let's try this again, shall we?

After a more than three-year hiatus from the blunt force art of humor bloggery, recent developments have given me reason to return to this outlet of the absurd. Because friends, two really big things happened this year.

1: Brother and I bought a fishing boat.

2: I finished my graduate degree. According to Pacific Lutheran University, I am now a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. Some people were all — Hey Hannah, so what now? What shall follow this academic milestone? 


So I am officially rededicating this blog to chronicling the adventures of le Slüt: 

Dad: Obviously you're going to change the name. 
Hannah: *slowly shakes her head back and forth*

In case you belong to the subset of people that is initially put off by the supposed vulgarity of this name (my parents, some of my coworkers, and one of my more, apparently, conservative male friends), let me urge you just this one time to embrace it with me, and then I'll never bring it up again. (Just kidding. I'm going to bring it up a lot. An absurd amount probably.) I am bored of the shame stigma and ick factor that we so often associate with this word, and I bet you are too. Slutdom is nothing to fear. What even does Salmon Slut mean? It means we are super into salmon. We are all about some Oncorhynchus nerka. And we're, you know, sassy

Also one can never have enough writing material, and le Slüt has promised to deliver some. 

There. Now we see it.  

Next, and far more importantly, you need to understand about Steve Brule. This is a brilliant creation of John C. Reilly and Adult Swim, and as you will see over the coming months and years, he has been a profound source of inspiration for Brother and I. Check It Out: 

That's just a taste. I strongly suggest you spend the better part of a day getting fully caught up on Brule's infinite wisdom, if you haven't already. His evolved use of language will likely be a stylistic element of Hannanigans from this day forth. Especially when we're talking about broats. 

Top Ten Words and Stuff We Learned from Brule:
1: Shrimps are bugs
2: Broat
3: Safety First
4: Bringo
5: Don't be a dingus

Ok we'll start with five. I'll tell you the other half later. 

In the mean time, I look forward to once again sharing some good times here on Hannanigans.